Starbucks Gluten Free Sandwich

February 07, 2011

I work in one of the most beautiful areas of London (in my opinion) -- St. Paul's Cathedral. I love the area! It is always buzzing with a mix of tourists and business men and women. With that combination of people there are tons of restaurants, fast food joints and small supermarkets everywhere!

So for lunchtime, people always have a choice of the type of cuisine they'd like to have, but for a coeliac it's not that easy. A standard lunch is a sandwich, wrap or panini. I've scoped out a lot of places around me and only one place does a gluten free sandwich and that is Starbucks. Every few weeks Starbucks changes up there gluten free sandwich. So far, they've had tunafish, Branston Pickle with mature cheddar cheese and my favorite so far -- the Starbucks gluten free roasted chicken pesto sandwich on good ole Genius bread. It is delicious and I highly recommend it. The filling tastes nice and fresh and the bread becomes quite soft because of the pesto filling. Also, it just feels so good to be able to go out and buy a sandwich. Though it is sad out of all the in such a buzzing area like St. Pauls that coeliacs only have a choice of one sandwich from on place! But hey, think about it this way... its better then nothing right?

P.S. If you work around the area and know of any places that does gluten free sandwiches, let me know!


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