Coeliac Disease Symptoms Come In All Forms, Shapes & Sizes

February 24, 2011

When I read this article written by the well-known British journalist Esther Ranzen -- I was just wowed. Esther’s daughter, Emily, suffered in her early years with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) a disorder that leads to extreme chronic fatigue and weakness. They went through a lot with her – she was bed ridden and basically disabled. Emily had lost any sort of hope that she would be able to do things normally again. With Emily’s will power and determination to get better she learned to talk and walk all over again.

As Emily grew up she decided to go on a diet that involved no carbohydrates, no wheat, basically nothing that is fine. She had always had this rash on her arm and after being on this diet it disappeared. Emily was tested for everything in the book, but not coeliac disease. To make a long story short, Emily did have coeliac disease.

It just shows, coeliac symptoms come in all forms! This was the first I had heard of coeliac disease causing a rash. Sometimes when I feel really down on missing out on some of my favorite foods, I think to myself… “Man, I feel a lot better – food is staying in my stomach, I don’t feel so tired, I don’t look so drained even after 10 hours of sleep the night before. I guess that’s some positives” Everyone’s body is different, so I guess symptoms come in all forms.

Definitely, take a read of this article. It’s great. At Last, I Have Discovered the Secret of Emily’s Lost 14 Years. 


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