The Best Gluten Free Cereal – Chex!

February 18, 2011

I think the hardest meal to cater for on a gluten free diet has got to be breakfast. I know there are eggs and meats, but I’m not that fond of  the breakfast meats and I’ve just got myself to start eating eggs! Even if you like eggs and meats you can’t really eat that kind of breakfast when you go to work everyday.

Most people just have cereals or some toast. I don’t make toast at work because the toaster is contaminated and gluten free cereals are well nasty!!! I’ve bought so many gf cereals, had it once and then not touched it again. However, one gluten free cereal that is amazing and makes me feel like a normal person is CHEX! Chex has five gluten free cereals, rice, corn, chocolate, honey and cinnamon. I just love them! For those of you that live in that states, you’re lucky because you can get them at a grocery store, but for those that live elsewhere in the world we don’t have them in our supermarket. But here in the U.K. my husband found a place that sells it. You can order it online or go to the store. It’s called “The Stateside Candy Co.”

CHEX it out :-) 


Alexa said...


Great blog!

If you're looking for a more interesting cereal, the best one I've found is Bakery on Main's granola. It's also from the US but some UK health food shops sell it. Sadly it costs a lot but it is lovely!

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