Chipotle is Gluten Free Heaven

May 17, 2012

Chipotle Burrito Bowl with all the works!

When I go to visit my family in the U.S., I actually feel normal. I don't feel like I have coeliac disease because I can go to so many restaurants and order food just like a normal person. It is a wonderful feeling and I really and truly enjoy eating out when I visit home (and boy do I become a fatty).  I wish the U.K. were more coeliac friendly. 

One stop I always make at least once when I'm home is Chipotle. Everything on the menu is almost gluten free. Check out their link here, which states which of their products are gluten free. 

EVERYTHING is gluten free except there tortillas and eggs. My last visit to the states I went to Boston and Orlando. I asked staff members at both locations and they all knew what coeliac and gluten free was. The worst is when a staff member has no idea... then you know you're in trouble.

I always eat there when I visit home and don't feel sick. If you haven't been to Chipotle, I highly recommend it.

How can you not look at the picture --> and get a watery mouth. 


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