Gluten Free Baking -- Macarons

March 07, 2011

Every Friday at work is Cake Club day. Those that have signed up, have a specific week they bring in some sort yummy baked goods. Boy do I love cakes, muffins, cookies, brownies and all the sweet stuff you could imagine. But you guessed it -- I’m not in Cake Club. No cakes are really ever gluten free. Unless you make it with gluten free flour.

This past Friday, it was my friend’s turn to bring in something. So she brought in raspberry cupcakes, which looked amazing! She always hears me moan and groan about things I can’t eat so made me homemade macrons. Macrons are made with almond flour, so its gluten free! It was so sweet of her to make that extra batch, because macrons aren’t the simplest things to make.

Here is a recipe similar to my friends. Also, a book she recommends is "I Heart Macarons." I haven’t tried making them yet, but plan to do so very soon. They just taste like a normal desert! Because they are made with almond flour. Nothing really changes in the recipe for coeliacs. YAY for that! Even the fillings are usually gluten free. The above photo is chocolate. Another flavor I had was coffee macarons with a vanilla filling. 


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