Wagamama - Gluten Friendly Restaurant

March 14, 2011

Wagamama's Teriyaki Chicken Donburi

This past weekend I met up with my cousin and he’s like lets go to lunch. I was like no, no its ok… because its always such a hassle finding somewhere for lunch. I’m like we can go to McDonalds and I can get french fries, but he wasn’t so keen on that. :-)

He suggested Wagamama. I said sure! I’ve heard they have gluten free menu, so I said why not try it out. We told the waiter and he came by with a binder and there was a sheet that stated the dishes that were/could be gluten free with substitutes to sauces, noodles etc.

I ordered the teriyaki chicken donburi -- grilled juicy chicken glazed with orange teriyaki sauce, sticky white rice, with thin sliced carrots, pea shoots, spring onions and sesame seeds and a side of spicy kimchee. They didn’t put any sauce on my dish because they said it contained soy sauce so they brought over gluten free soy sauce in a bowl. I had asked for them to warm it up and mix it together, but they said they can’t do that. That was pretty annoying. Overall, the dish was nice and there were quite a few other options. I would definitely recommend for a coeliac to visit Wagamama… luckily it’s a global chain! 


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