Focaccia Per Tutti's Delicious Gluten Free Focaccia Bread

July 24, 2014

You know what really gets my mouth watering? When you walk into bakeries at stores like Whole Foods, Tescos and you see these delicious focaccia breads... and you think to yourself when will I ever get to try something that looks so yummy?

Focaccia Per Tutti's bread, really made that mouth watering dream a reality. I was reading an article on some of the best gluten free products out there and I saw the link for these focaccia breads. I immediately sent the link to my husband and asked him to order me some. And they were baked fresh and arrived the next day.

When they arrived my husband happened to be at home and he messaged saying, "wait until you see these breads they feel so soft and look delicious."

I got home and stuck one in the oven and tried it immediately. The garlic and tomato one had so much flavor, was so tasty, so soft and just perfect. And most importantly, none of that gluten free after taste.

If you have not tried this product, get online and order it. Its been a long time since I've tried some gluten free deliciousness!


Ashleigh Cameron said...

They look so yummy! Do you know if they're being sold in any supermarkets? :)

Dipti K said...

Hi Ashleigh. I haven't seen them in any super market yet, but man they are worth ordering!!

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