Banana Tree Gluten Free IndoChinese in London

May 06, 2014

Banana Tree Gluten Free Thai Tamaring & Garlic Wings and Kajang Satay Chicken

I REALLLLLY wish soya sauce didn't have gluten. I still don't understand why it does. That one ingredient knocks off so many yummy Asian options for coeliacs. Since I've lived in London, I've never dined at a Chinese/Asian restaurant because many don't offer gluten free options. I would get my eating out Chinese fix at P.F. Changs every time I visited home in the U.S.

Crispy Chicken with Mango & Sweet Lime Sauce
My husband and I just had our 5 year wedding anniversary and my in-laws wanted to take go out for a nice family dinner to celebrate. The location was a surprise to us up until a few hours of leaving and when they revealed it and showed the menu I was excited.

It was this place called Banana Tree – an indochinese sort of restaurant. Looking at the menu made my mouth water. I was so excited and counting down the hours. No joke. 

For starters, we ordered chicken satay and garlic wings. It was so delicious! I haven't had chicken satay since before I was diagnosed as a coeliac 3.5 years ago. It was so so tasty!
For the main dish I ordered crispy chicken with mango and sweet lime sauce. That was also lovely with a side of rice. My friend had told me about this place earlier this year and I had looked at the menu but wasn't too impressed — as I only eat chicken and they didn't have many choices. But just in April they added a lot more items to their menu. You can see it update with the date on top of the menu. 

The food was great and waiters all knew of what gluten free stuff was etc. Tummy was perfectly fine too after the meal. 

This might be one of my new favorite places to dine. If you go, let me know how you enjoy it :) 


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