Hummus Bros Gluten Free Restaurant in London

April 01, 2014

Hummus Bros Gluten Free Deliciousness!  

I thought I'd write this while my taste buds are still filled with the yummy flavors. So Hummus Bros hosted a gluten free evening where they called various gluten bloggers and companies to one of their restaurants to try their gluten free products... But to my surprise, most things at Hummus Bros is gluten free, everything except the bread products and tabbouleh salad.

I know hummus is gluten free, but I'm always a bit hesitant to go to places that don't have a gluten free menu. But after eating their tonight there are so many delicious choices. They had the best falafel I've ever tasted, along with hummus (of course!) with guacamole. carrot sticks, roasted tomatoes and a delicious Greek salad. I was absolutely stuffed. And the best part was dessert! A heavenly gluten free brownie. Also one of the best brownies I've had.
Hummus Bros Gluten Free Brownie! 

They had a few guests from various companies talking about their products, like this new company Crate of Nothing. And it was nice to meet other coeliacs, and learn of other restaurants in the area that also have gluten free menus.

I really and truly wish other restaurants have gluten free nights like this. Especially those places that are naturally gluten free and a place people may not know about. It was a great evening... and the best part?!?!  I've got another restaurant to add to my list -- it's so nice to see that list grow over the years. It's giving me a chance to enjoy eating out more than I do and for those restaurants that have gluten free options and are aware of the condition thank you! It means the world  and thank you Hummus Bros for hosting a yummy evening!  


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