Costa Coffee Gluten Free Brownies

March 06, 2012

Costa Coffee Gluten Free Brownie
One thing I really miss about being normal is desserts. I know I can go out and buy some cake or brownies when I want from stores, but I try to avoid it. Since it's gluten free, it will set in my cupboard and well its not ideal for me to eat all of them! But when I see people eat desserts, it hits me and I hate it.

Both Starbucks and Costa Coffee do gluten free brownies. I've tried Costa Coffee brownies and I have to say they are quite good. They are a good size too, says its satisfies your stomach as well as the craving. If you're in London and  need a sweet treat, I definitely recommend this.


GlutenFreeGastronomy said...

Oh I sooo agree, they are very handy when you pop for a coffee with friends and they are all tucking into a muffin or carrot cake.

fab blog by the way :)

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