Gluten Free in Thailand

February 13, 2012

This post is very overdue.

Fresh gluten free bread and muffins at Lebua State Tower
I had the trip of a lifetime this past October. My husband and I ventured out to Bangkok and Phuket. My husband had done some amazing research and booked a hotel and resorts that catered to coeliacs. It was an amazing trip in every sense and I never missed food once. It was a great feeling.

Chef's treat at Faces in Bangkok.
Our first stop was Bangkok at the Lebua State Tower. My husband had contacted the restaurant before hand and also sent them a gluten free card in Thai. When we had our first breakfast there, they had asked for our room number and before I knew it I had fresh gluten free bread and muffins waiting for me at I scoped out the rest of the buffet. If you enjoy meats, sushi, and such you will have no trouble. The breakfast buffet is something like no other. So much food!

Even when we had other meals in the hotel, they had known of my condition from before hand so I didn’t have to keep repeating myself. If you are making a trip to Bangkok I highly recommend Lebua State Tower.

One night in Bangkok we ventured out into the city for a dinner. We had been told a restaurant called Faces was suppose to be amazing. It had three different cuisines – Thai, Indian and Japanese. The restaurant is so beautiful and has so many cultures within that one environment. The manager had helped me pick out items from the menu and made sure they were gluten free. I could eat the chef’s special (which you can see the photo for). I forget the name, but you took leaves and filled them with the delicious fillings they gave. It was great and gluten free! I also ordered a delicious main dish. And I felt great after the meal.

Stir fried rice and chicken
Our next stop was Phuket. We stayed at the Indigo Pearl and they were amazing. Each meal I was catered too. I had fresh bread in the morning. They actually had free gluten free bread on their breakfast buffet line because so many people used to ask for it.

If you go to any Asian countries, I highly recommend brining gluten free soy sauce. I had so many authentic dishes because I had my own soy sauce, if I didn’t I would have not enjoyed as many Thai dishes as I did.

Gluten free cheesecake at Indigo Pearl
Also, the baker went out of his way to make one dessert I had been craving. Gluten free cheesecake!!! It was amazing!!!!! We celebrate my husband’s birthday while we were there and the cake they brought out for him was also gluten free, so we could both sure. It was so considerate.

My trip was so wonderful and filled with great food. I also brought my own snacks, so if I ever needed something to munch on, it was there!


Dipti K said...

This is the card I used

I printed out the cards and laminated it as well :)

If you're going Thailand, enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

What great information!

I'd like to share my blog with you and your readers, in case anyone else is looking for information about being gluten free in Thailand.

Thanks :)

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