Gluten Free Davos, Switzerland

February 01, 2012

Davos, Switzerland

I recently visited Davos, Switzerland on a business trip and learned many people are not aware of coeliac disease there. Since I was on a business trip, I was quite busy so didn’t get to go out much, but the few times I did, I was not impressed. Since I stayed in a flat, I took things into my own hands.

As I carried around my German, Italian and French gluten free cards, I struggled to find restaurants and staff that were helpful. I went out one evening and had a chicken dish with vegetables and a sauce and I still felt very sick the next day.

Gluten free bread and cheese fondue

Like I mentioned earlier, since I was on a business trip, one night we had a working dinner. I had let the event planners know about my condition and they had organized my own separate cheese fondue with cheese, gluten free bread and potatoes! That was a nice experience because I had never had a fondue. And boy do I love cheese. If you do go to Switzerland you must experience the fondue – bring your own bread to the restaurant and make it happen!

Also, visiting grocery stores near my flat, I realized there wasn’t one gluten free dedicated section like I’m used to. However, when I showed my gluten free card to
Gluten free pasta shells and tomato sauce

an employee at EuroSpar she actually went and got a long list of products that were gluten free. So she had helped me find things I could have. I had brought gluten free pasta from home, so one night I had boiled some and bought some pasta sauce! Delicious!

My last night there, my colleagues and I went to Ochsen restaurant. I showed my gluten free card to her and she’s like “O I know! I have coeliac too.” That made it a lot easier to order and she was very helpful. Since she also suffers from it, she made sure the kitchen staff was helpful. So if you enjoy steakhouses, stop by this restaurant for sure.

Overall, when eating out in Switzerland it’s quite hard to be safe from contamination and just enjoying a decent gluten free meal when you’re at a restaurant. However, if you are staying in a flat, it is a bit more manageable.


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