Kirsty's Gluten Free Meals

February 02, 2015

When I’m at work, the day is always better when I have a yummy lunch to look forward too. I love shopping at different grocery stores as well, because there is always a different selection of gluten free items. 

On one of my trips to a new Sainsburys hubby and I haven’t been to, there was a whole section in the fridge aisle dedicated to gluten free items. This was something I hadn’t seen before. Various dishes from No G which I’ve tried before and they were really nice. But I saw a new brand I hadn’t seen before — Kirsty’s 

They had a few various dishes, so I picked up the Moroccan Vegetables with Quinoa and my hubby picked up the Spanish Chicken with Brown Rice. It was also on sale, which made it even better :) 

So one lunch, I went to go warm it up. I was so surprised with the portion. Such a healthy filling portion and only 276 calories!!! Oh man it was delicious. I finished every spec of the dish. It is so filling and so healthy and tasted delicious, which made it even better. Hubby was also raving about the Spanish chicken dish. 

I hope to find this in other stores, otherwise I’ll have to keep making a trip to this Sainsbury’s just for Kirstys. I really hope I can find the Chicken Tikka Masala, that wasn’t on the shelf when I went! 


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