ASK Gluten Free Menu

March 06, 2014

ASK gluten free pizza
 It has been awhile since my husband and I went on a date night. Mostly due the fact I've been traveling a lot of work (can't complain about that :) ) So last night we decided to go to ASK, an Italian restaurant chain in London, which has an extensive gluten free menu. 

ASK gluten free menu
I've been to ASK before with friends, but never with the hubby. When I went with my friends the menu was different and they had a lot of choices the new menu didn't have. For example, last time I ordered the veggie risotto, and they didn't have it on the gluten free menu this time which was a disappointment. So I decided to opt for pizza. The pizza looked amazing, however I wasn't too impressed with the base. It was very thin and the middle of the base was actually very chewy. It was  nice, but out of all the pizzas I've had (and I've had a lot) this may have been my least favorite. 

If you like risotto, I highly recommend it and they have a lot of gluten free pasta choices as well… and with pasta you usually can't go wrong. It's the one gluten free item that taste like normal pasta. Well, from what I can remember. 

Have you been to ASK before? What are your thoughts? 


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