Gluten Free in Frankfurt

September 21, 2013

Just last week, I visited Germany for the first time. I went to Frankfurt for work... very cute little city indeed and quite cheap!

I was in luck, a colleague of mine at the Frankfurt office has a friend at work that actually has coeliac disease. So he actually understood what it was and he spoke German! He was great help on the trip... translating menus, talking to waiters and suggesting places for me to eat.

The first night was a late work night and conveniently a few floors beneath our office was a MoschMosch. I said to my colleague I usually can't eat at Chinese/Japanese places because of soya sauce. He ensured me they have a gluten free menu and I should be fine. And yes I was!!! I was in Frankfurt for two nights and I actually ate there both nights, since the first night I did not feel sick. It was just rice noodles in red thai curry sauce. It was nice with lots of chicken and vegetables. I know its a chain, but at least you won't go hungry. They had a little gluten free section as well as an English menu to understand the German.

I had a very late flight the night I was headed back to London and boy was I hungry. All I wanted to do was eat a meal and not a bag of potato chips. I made my way to several restaurants and I came across Kuffler & Bucher and the manager knew what gluten was. He showed me a few things and I decided to side with the roasted tomato risotto. I was hungry so I ate a bit, but that stuff can be quite heavy so most of it was left waisted. It was delicious, however I did have a tummy ache and got quite bloated after. I knew when I picked the risotto, the broth they used must have had gluten! But they had other meat dishes that would definitely be gluten free.

Not a long stay for me in Frankfurt, but it seems they understand what being gluten free is. My colleague also said there are many other places including little restaurant shops! And for you Americans out there, at the new skyline plaza they also opened a Chipotle. You can never go wrong with a rice bowl :)  If you've been let me know about your experience!


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