Pizza Hut's Gluten Free Pizza Review

October 22, 2012

Pizza Hut in the U.K. started to serve customers gluten free pizzas as of October 8, 2012. When I heard they were doing this, I was so, so, excited! Not many restaurants in the U.K. cater to people that are gluten free, so to add Pizza Hut to the list was quite the treat! To be honest, I think my husband (who is a pizza lover) was more excited then me. Because of me, he hasn't really gone for the last two years!

I went a week later to our local Pizza Hut and finally tried the gluten free pizza. It comes in a square shape and you can have any toppings you want and they are gluten free. I had ordered the spicy veggie sizzler. Was very nice. When I think of Pizza Hut I expect the base to be quite thick, but the gluten free option is quite thin so I was a bit sad. However, it was still a very tasty base that does not leave that gluten free after taste. It was delicious! But one thing it does lack is more sauce and cheese. Not as much sauce and cheese made it quite dry, so if you do go, ask for more sauce and cheese.

The menu was also very impressive. They have a NCGI (No containing gluten ingredients) next to other things you can have on the menu. Like the nachos, salad, etc. And at the bottom of every page they tell you what does have gluten. So for example, on the salad bar, bacon bites contain gluten and they make a note of that.

I had asked the waitress if many people order the gluten free base. She said on the day we went, she had two previous orders. Not bad, but I do hope it picks up so they don't get rid of the option!

One downside is, you must go to a restaurant to get the gluten free option. Pizza Hut does not deliver the gluten free option.

Every time I eat out, I always fear that I will get sick. But luckily, I was ok the next day.


GlutenFreeGastronomy said...

You can now order from Pizza Hut for delivery on their app.

My first trial wasn't very successful but i am going back again - and very much looking forward to trying domino's efforts! :)

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