Hell Pizza - Delicious Gluten Free Pizza

June 03, 2011

I absolutely love pizza. Who doesn’t?! What I wouldn’t do to just be normal and order some Pizza Hut or Domino’s take out? Eh, well it’s not that easy anymore! But, like everything else, I’ve managed to deal.

I used to have pizza almost every week, now I’m lucky to have it once a month. When I do have pizza, I usually make it homemade. I buy the Sainsbury’s free from pizza crust, add sauce, spices, veggies and anything else I desire.

A few weeks back, my family and I went to HELL pizza. (Yes, I know, the name kind of throws you off) The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite Hellish… but the pizza is absolutely heavenly! I felt like I was eating normal pizza. It was simply amazing. There was so many different toppings on the menus and such a large selections. All the side sauces were also gluten free. It was delicious and I highly recommend it.

We spoke to the waiter and asked him where we could get the pizza bases because it would be great to make some homemade pizzas with them too. He says the gluten free pizza crusts are sent to them from New Zealand. He continued to tell us what a big global chain Hell Pizza is becoming and what a phenomenon there gluten free pizzas had become around the world. Make a visit :-)


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