Muffinska – Gluten Free Muffin Shop

May 06, 2011

My husband and I were walking around London’s Covent Garden one day and a muffin shop caught my eye -- Muffinska. I was looking at the sign and they said they had gluten free muffins available! I got very excited as usual, so we both made our way into the store.

They had four different flavors – blueberry and raspberry, white chocolate and raspberry, etc. I picked the blueberry and raspberry muffin. It felt quite hard, but most gluten free products are hard until they were warmed up. But I was excited to bring it to work for breakfast the next morning. A muffin instead of some fruit, or a bowl of gluten free cereal. I brought it to work and warmed it up and put some butter on it. The whole muffin turned into crumbles as soon as I cut it. It smelt awful -- as if it was gone off and the taste was even worse. My experience with muffinska gluten free muffins, wasn’t that great. Needless to say, I was left without breakfast that morning.


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