Carluccio's Italian Restaurant - Gluten Free Lunch/Dinner Spot

May 04, 2011

A few days back my husband and I took a lovely day trip to Windsor Castle. As we were walking around, we saw Carluccio’s – an authentic Italia restaurant. I’ve had many friends mention there gluten free menu to me, but we’ve never had a chance to go! So as we walked by it, we thought this would be the perfect lunch for our perfect day out!

Carluccio’s gluten free menu had quite a few choices ranging from salads, to pasta, meat dishes and quite a few desserts! I ordered the Insalata di Mozzarella (without the focaccia bread), and for my main dish I ordered Penna Giardiniera –
pasta served with courgette, chilli, parmesan and garlic. Both were absolutely
delicious! They also give very good portions so you feel quite satisfied. I love pasta and have it quite often. I’m so thankful, that gluten free pasta is one of the food items that taste quite similar to normal pasta!

The service was also very good. The waiter was aware of the gluten free menu and the diet. I always tell restaurants please make sure there is no contamination. After the meal, I did not feel sick or get a bloated stomach. So I don’t think there was any contamination!

I give Carluccio’s two thumbs up and highly recommend it!


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