Sweet Connection - Gluten Free Bakery in Dubai

November 25, 2012

Before my husband and I embarked on our trip to Delhi & Dubai, we did a lot of research on where to find gluten free food for me.

Well, we did some good research because we found a complete gluten free bakery in Dubai called Sweet Connection. We had thought it was a proper bakery/cafe where you can pick things up. So my husband and I caught a taxi and made our way there. When we go there, we were told we had to put a order in before hand if we wanted something specific. However, the head baker, was very sweet and she said she had some things she had baked fresh and we could take it. We bought a loaf of gluten free banana bread with chocolate chips and two donuts. We had the bread ever morning for breakfast. It was truly amazing. I used to bake fresh banana bread before I was diagnosed and when I tell your this gluten free bread tasted just like it... it was amazing! You'd never, ever think it was gluten free. No after taste, great texture, not crumbly. It was so so great. Even donuts were delicious. If we were there for longer, I would have loved to try some more.

From speaking to the staff, Sweet Connection is a fairly new establishment.  The kitchen is so clean, and the amount of various flours on the shelves is truly amazing. I'm sure once people get a word of it it will become even more popular. If you are visiting Dubai, I highly recommend calling ahead of time and placing an order. I believe they even deliver, so that is great as well!


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