Lady Gaga Goes Gluten Free

August 21, 2012

Sometimes I wonder why celebrities go gluten free. I notice that gluten free foods have more calories then normal foods. The latest celebrity to get on the gluten free band wagon is Lady Gaga. She wants to try and lose 10 pounds, not that she needs to!

What are your thoughts? Do you think being gluten free helps you lose weight? I've been the same since I started… so don't think it helps to lose weight.


Sachin Patel said...

It won't help if you replace one starchy carb for another. In fact one of the signs of Celiac disease is failure to thrive and unexplained weight loss due to the atrophy of the villi in the intestinal tract. The key to going to going gluten free and losing weight is to eat a low glycemic load diet. Eliminating all grains will result in predictable and effective weight loss.

GlutenFreeGastronomy said...

my weight stayed the same when I went GF but as Sachin said its probably due to the replacement of one carb for another. When I reduced cards the weight started to come off :)

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